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What can I use it for?

Build a corporate website

Build websites at warp speed with a headless CMS that is extremely easy to use and comes with a huge ecosystem of services. From on the fly image resizing to custom plugins - everything is made to help you deliver projects faster.

Enrich your Ecommerce

Visually build your product pages and improve your boring shop with a rich story telling experience.

Deliver to multiple channels

With the clean data structure you can reuse the content created in SForce IT on multiple platforms like VR, Mobile, TV, IoT, …

The Solution

SForce IT has the user experience of a page builder with a modern headless architecture behind.
This gives the developer freedom and the editor a self-explaining and intuitive interface.
Managing digital content with a headless CMS can be a difficult task. Without a visual preview, editors are often lost and need instruction even for simple changes.


Choose field level translation or multiple content trees.
Delivering content internationally? With SForce IT you can define your own content localization strategy to serve multiple countries and languages.

Visual Composer

The visual composer gives you a preview of the changes you make to your website, even before those changes go live.

Content Types with Blocks

You may already create components like teasers, grids or feature sections. Content blocks allow the developer to reuse those components elsewhere, refilling them with new content each time if necessary.

Fine graded access control

Create roles and ACLs to enable safe publishing, while preventing unauthorized changes.


With the app store you can selectively add features to SForce IT. This keeps the UI clean and clear.


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